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Family Medicine













We are situated in Kenridge, Durbanville near Tygervalley Centre. Our practice is housed in the residential area near Kenridge Primary School. We have a strong family focus and we treat people of all ages and from all walks of life. We strive to provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.


We provide the full spectrum of general practice which is the discipline of Family Medicine.


Dr Du Plessis is also qualified as an aviation medical practitioner as well as occupational health practitioner and therefore does flight medicals as well as occupational health assessments. We do wellness/health prevention and full annual physical check-ups which can include stress ECG’s, lung function tests and audiometry (hearing assessments) in Cape Town. The scope of Family Medicine includes minor procedures like cryotherapy of warts and skin tags as well as excision of small lesions such as moles. Non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as Botox, fillers, fat lipolysis and threads are also provided, as well as Botox for medical problems such as teeth grinding, excessive sweating and headaches. We are also involved with the Slender Wonder weight loss program.


We have a holistic approach but as scientists we endeavour to follow evidence-based medicine. We believe in quality care and therefore usually book 30 minute appointments. We see each patient contact as an opportunity to do health prevention, promotion and education.

Aesthetic practice

The goal of medical care is not just to prolong life but to also have a quality life and that includes helping the patient feel good about the way that they look.  Dr Bekker believes in helping the patient by slowing down the process of ageing and restoring youth in such a way that the patient looks natural.


Dr Bekker received her training from Dr Renier van Aardt who has one of the biggest aesthetic practices in Canada.  She did the basic course in August 2013 and she finished her advance training in January 2014.


Non-surgical aesthetic treatments are becoming more popular because they are quicker, less painful and more subtle than invasive plastic surgery.  Dr Bekker uses Juvéderm fillers which contains hyaluronic acid which is a substance that occurs naturally in the body and decreases as we age.  It not only fills wrinkles, but also replaces what the skin has lost over time.  Allergan Botulinum Toxin relaxes hyperactive muscle and therefore improves dynamic facial lines such as frown lines.


Cecarrelli fat lipolysis is a new safe innovative treatment to dissolve fat and re-sculpt the contours of the face, neck and body.  The solution is made up of vitamin C and iron and when injected, acts on the fat cells and cause a process of natural fat cell death.


Polydioxane threads are dissolvable stitch material which is placed under the skin and then causes a stimulation of collagen and skin renewal while dissolving over months with the end result of tightening and lifting the skin.  It is a simple and safe procedure and is especially indicated for sagging skin around the jawline and upper neck.


Dr Debbie Bekker

Dr Bekker grew up in Durbanville and finished her M.B.Ch.B. at Stellenbosch University in 1992. After her housemanship year (in Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Dermatology), she worked in Pediatrics at Tygerberg Hospital for a year. She then joined the SANDF where she worked as a general practitioner at different locations for almost 9 years. In this time she specialised in Family Medicine and obtained her Masters degree cum laude. Her research on alcohol misuse was published in the South African Family Practice Journal of March 2003. When she resigned at the end of 2003, she was a Chief Medical Officer with the rank of major. In 2004 she started her own private practice at Kenridge Centre and then moved to the current location in 2011.


She is a caring person who has a passion for medicine which she regarded as her calling from the age of 11.


She has 2 teenage daughters and 2 yorkies. (She lost her husband in a cycling accident in 2009.) Time is her most precious possession and if there is any left, she enjoys travelling, cooking, wine tasting, entertaining, reading, television, music and she has recently started painting.

Dr Berlize du Plessis

Dr Berlize du Plessis grew up in Saldanha on the West Coast and in Pretoria, before obtaining her MB ChB at the University of Stellenbosch in 2007.


She completed her internship at 2 Military Hospital in Wynberg and did her community service year at Wingfield Health Centre.  Near the end of 2010 she became the full-time doctor at the Air Force Base Ysterplaat, within the SA National Defence Force – among other duties responsible for the flight medicals on the base.


Dr Du Plessis furthermore studied at the Institute for Aviation Medicine.  After her passion for the flying environment was cultivated, she soon found herself wrapped up in aviation studies, doing NVG (night flying) training, dingy training and even helicopter underwater escape training.


During this time, she practised general family medicine at the Ysterplaat sickbay, and 2 Military Hospital after hours, and developed minor surgical skills, before completing the basic surgical skills course at the University of Cape Town.  In 2014 she obtained the Diploma in Occupational Health at UCT with distinction.


In January 2016 she joined Dr Debbie Bekker.


Since her youth Berlize du Plessis has been active in outdoor activities.  She has completed several Ironman events and represented Triathlon South Africa twice at the world championships.  If she is not working or relaxing at home with her son and husband, she will be found swimming, cycling or running.


She still firmly believes in the motto of the Saldanha Primary School – from the prayer of the Roman poet Juvenal – Mens sana in corpore sano: A healthy spirit lives in a healthy body.

Dr Tillie Nel

Dr. Tillie Nel grew up in the east of Pretoria and obtained her MBChB at the University of Pretoria in 2011.

Always up for a challenge, she moved to Cape Town in 2012 to do her two years of internship at the busy Tygerberg Hospital, and then spent the following year in Kimberley to complete her community service. During her time at Kimberley Hospital, she gained experience in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, cutting Caesarean sections 24/7, and also worked for 7 months in the Adult Intensive Care Unit.

In 2015, Dr. Nel and her husband moved back to the beautiful Cape Town to continue her medical career as part of the Internal Medicine team at Tygerberg Hospital. Here she spent 2 years caring for all acutely ill patients in the Medical Emergency Unit.  During these two years, she was not only exposed to all areas of Internal Medicine, but also discovered that her interest lay more in dealing with patients at Primary Care level. She enjoys patient education and believes that everyone needs to know the basic functions of their body, so that illnesses can be prevented or identified much earlier.

She currently lives in Stellenberg with her husband and will soon become a mother for the first time. From early childhood she has been an avid musician, completing her Gr. 8 Piano examination by age 18. As a medical student, she continued her musical endeavours as a member of the Tuks University Choir (Camerata) and today still enjoys playing the piano and singing. She firmly believes that early exposure to quality music helps stimulate brain development and attributes much of her success in life to the fact that she started taking piano lessons at the age of 5. It teaches discipline, commitment and builds character.

She joined the Kenridge practice in February 2018 and hopes to become a well-established and trusted doctor in the area.

aviation medical examiner

Reception Staff

Simone is our friendly reception lady. Riana manages the financial side as well as the normal day to day tasks of the practice.

Appointments and fees

We are a “cash practice”: Payment must be done immediately after the consultation and it is then the responsibility of the patient to claim the amount from his/her medical aid. Credit card facilities are available. We charge private practice fees which compare with the surrounding general practices even though we make longer appointments than the standard 15 minutes.


We work by appointment only. Missed appointments which were not cancelled timeously, may be billed for.


We do charge for telephonic consultations as well as prescriptions without seeing the doctor as listed in the doctor’s billing manual. These requests cannot always be accommodated and then the patient will be required to make an appointment.

Doctor 1 Mildred St, Kenridge, Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa



TEL: 021-9141222

EMAIL: kenpraktyk@adept.co.za

FAX: 021-9141227


Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00
Saturday 09:00 to 12:00


After hours emergencies are referred to the surrounding Mediclinics as well as Intercare next to Tygervalley Centre.

1 Mildred Road, Kenridge, Durbanville, 7550